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Fabulous Nicole
14 January 1982
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I am: FABULOUS! Unique. One of a kind. A Friend. A Lover. A Writer. I am Me.

Name: as it appears above.

Hobbies: your basic, run of the mill activities...reading, writing, hanging out with my friends, going to hockey games....

Passions (aka obsessions): Hockey. Went to my first game in the womb. Go Checkers/Sabres/Americans/Wolfpack/Kings! 3 favorite players: Eric Boulton, Adam Deadmarsh, Peter Forsberg. A lot of the others I like are listed below in interests. I'm a hockey fan from birth, one until the day I die. I have season tickets for the ECHL charlotte checkers(NYR affilate). Donne du sang, joue au hockey (give blood, play hockey). Writing. I may not be the best right now, but the best is yet to come.

Employment: Yes...I work at the Humane Society of Charlotte. I have been at HSC for over 5 years and I've been a kennel attendant, vet tech, scrub tech, receptionist in the shleter, and presently, the receptionist at our spay/neuter clinic. It pays to spay! Neuter is neater!

Quote: Nobody dies a virgin because life screws everybody.

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